FAE 1115 Octa - PREDATOR

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Predator - 1115 is a professional octocopter optimized for performance characteristics.

The duration of the flight test over 50 minutes (see video below) with a payload of 5.5 kg operational, 60km control distance, and the possibility of equipping it with any type of sensor with maximum weight above, recommends the Predator drone as a suitable solution for:

- aerial inspection conducted in various areas (inspection of wind turbines, power lines, flare heads, agricultural areas or forest)

- topographically specific missions (digital surface model ortofotoplan.tif - topographic map, digital elevation model DEM, point cloud mapping, GIS)

- search and rescue people after natural disasters or accidents - the octocoptor 1115 Predator can have a decisive role in the success of the mission if it is integrated in such a protocol.

- Optional: Unlimited control distance

Results obtained using drones made by FAE Drones : http://fotografieaeriana.eu/aerial-photogrammetry-drone.html.

We offer practical demonstrations fee, deducting the demonstration cost of the cost of possible acquisitions.

Click here to download the presentation of FAE 1115 Octa - PREDATOR produced by FAE.

Click here to download the presentation of comparative industrial drones produced by FAE.

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5Kg payload - 15 minutes Predator 1115 by FAE Drones

Professional Topography Drone Predator 1115 by FAE Drones

Predator - 1115 is a professional octocopter, ready to fly, equipped with battery, charger, remote control. The drone is remarkable by power, has long flight, construction made of rigid carbon fiber, complete and autonomous GPS navigation functions. The drone can be configured using a PC wireless. Flight controller is Pixhawk 32. This model  accepts all existing sensors on the market weighing less than 5.5 kg.

New: Optionally, unlimited range -video, telemetry and RC control- by 3G or 4G GSM system, details here

  • Autonomous navigation with predefined route, GPS position Hold / altitude hold
  • GNSS multistandard module - reliablity with constellations of 22 satellites and more - receives all GPS standards (Navstar, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS) - GPS RTK EMLID
  • Return-to Home GPS function (activates automatically in case of loss of radio link)
  • Advanced ground-control software included
  • Automatic logging of all flight parameters, automatically generates KLM google earth files
  • Telemetry, wireless navigation map and configuration through a PC
  • Georeferenced photos made in semi-automatic mode - requires an initial time synchronization 
  • Integrated camera stabilizer  with the possibility of roll-tilt angle control  from the operator (the mechanical part is not included)
  • Automatic landing after automatically reaching the position of Home
  • Flight control allows manual horizontal Autostabiliser
  • Automatic control of the flight altitude depending on the position of the joystick: middle retains altitude, any deviation from the middle translates into a constant in time descent or climb speed , doing landings easy
  • Low battery alarm
  • Can fly in only seven engines - increased safety
  • Structure easy to upgrade
  • Maximum engine power: 196N or 20Kgf
  • Motor power: 720W
  • Engines diameter: 1115 mm
  • Propeller length: 16 inches
  • Li-Po: 35A 6S 
  • Recommended payload: 1500 g 48% throttle
  • Maximum take-off load: 9500g  (80% throttle)
  • Mass flight (with battery 35A) and no load: 7400g
  • Flight time with recommended load: 55 min
  • Maximum flyght time: 56 minutes with one battery and no load
  • Maximum speed: 80 km/h
  • Maximum ascending speed: 15m/s
  • GNSS/ RTK/ PPK multistandard module: Navstar, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou, QZSS
  • Flight controller Pixhawk 32
  • Maximum control distance: 60Km
  • Radio control band: 2.4Ghz bidirectional
  • Telemetry connection to PC: Duplex 433MHz (915MHz US)
  • Stable flying even at wind speed up to 50 km / h
  • The maximum flight altitude of 3500m
  • Operating temperature -10 .. + 60 Celsius

The results were obtained by completely consuming  a new battery at 25 degrees Celsius at sea level.

  • Drone with autonomous navigation based on GPS RTK EMLID: Position Hold, Auto return to Home, Waypoint Navigation
  • Support 3-axis camera stabilization Tilt- Roll Pan brushless motor and vibration damper revolutionary
  • 2.4GHz digital radio station and 9-channel receiver, the radio control range tested outdoors is 60 Km
  • Computer telemetry system on flight parameters and the location on the map
  • Battery radio station
  • Li-po battery charger with cell balancing 1000W
  • Battery plus a spare battery Li-Po 35A/6S
  • Radio trigger start-stop photo for Foxtech Map-01 Mapping Camera (24.3MP, extended ISO, 6 FPS continous photo, carbon fiber body 155g 218g with 16mm F2.8 lens),  or other model from the customer. FAE consultation is necessary in order to make it compatible with the FAE equipment ;
  • Live video system on the ground  , portable,  radius 5 km with telemetry. (Including battery 5000m / h 3s, display  RC 700D Diversity DVR, PAL 7-inch recorder witness, receiver and two antennas with circular polarization, pillar 4m stand for all devices) ;
  • Transport box
  • 8 spare propellers - 16 inch

The type of sensors that can be integrated into the UAVs:

  • A session of ongoing operation and maintenance for 3 people
  • Online technical support at FAE's headquarters 
  • We provide service during operation
  • 1 year warranty on electronics
  • Post-warranty service

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"To improve we must be able to measure."

Advantages of FAE Drones

  • high flight time (double compared to competition)
  • high payload - 5 kg operational, 10 kg max
  • preserves altitude versus flight (AGL) in topographical applications
  • automatically divides large areas into multiple short flights
  • 24 MPx image quality with Prime APSC sensor lens (25.1mm x 16.7)
  • head hold - Direction of the camera to the same direction